Who really cares about illegal economic migration to Europe?

Here are some facts for Italy alone that mean as a European you should:

  • 600,000 migrants have reached Italy from North Africa since 2014
  • the latest figures show total arrivals in Italy this year to 21 September 2017 were 103,318 (2016: 131,683 for the same period). The 2017 projections are for 140,000.
  • The number of migrants reaching Italy was 11,459 in July 2017
  • UNHCR estimates that 80% of those reaching Italy are economic migrants, and therefore due for deportation because they are not eligible for asylum
  • An Ipsos poll this week showed 70% of Italians agree with the statement that immigration from Libya is too high, and has damaged public services
  • Basically, the NGOs are not humanitarians, but working in tandem with the smugglers to act as a taxi service for African economic migrants that want to start a more prosperous life in Europe

Apathy amongst Europeans is a very dangerous state of affairs as it gives European politicians the ability to continue with their policies of imposing a top-down approach of encouraging multiculturalism and diversity, threatening and undermining traditional European values, culture and religions.


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