In 2015 Sweden took in 163,000 refugees and migrants and gave them permanent residency – why?

This blog is inspired by a documentary, written, directed and produced by Pelle Neroth (starring) and Paul Remington of Two Raven Films, that summarises Sweden’s absurd migration policies and government.

Some of the questions looked at are very perceptive as to the motives behind Sweden’s acceptance of such a large number of refugees and migrants:

  1. The resources spent on these individuals is equal to the UN’s entire budget for refugees around the world – it could have helped many more, including women and children left behind – if spent regionally. So why did Sweden decide to help the richer few who migrated rather than the greater number of real indigents left behind in the UNHCR refugee camps?
  2. Why were these individuals given permanent residence?
  3. Why are 71% male?
  4. How will a country like Syria be rebuilt without its men?
  5. Will these individuals lead happy, dignified and productive lives in Sweden?
  6. How many of them believe that Islam is more important than Swedish traditions and laws?
    …. these questions are taboo in Sweden as they threaten the Swedish elites’ plan to use immigration to replace Sweden with a brave new multicultural utopia.

To see this video:

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