How the alt-media is undermining the liberal pc bias of mainstream media

I have posted two videos below that show how the alt-media is reflecting a true version of events happening in the UK and Sweden.

This video features Tommy Robinson of who is reporting on a march through London by the Football Lads Alliance in opposition to Islamic terrorism and sharia. On the video he interviews a BBC reporter (3:42 onwards) who is also covering the march and reveals how the BBC would use word-association labels like ‘far right’¬† and ‘right wing rhetoric’ because, according to the reporter, “people label it as such” even though the marchers are simply protesting against terrorism and demanding tighter control of borders.


This second video is focused on the mainstream media in Sweden where an independent journalist, Celia Farber, reports on how it is impossible to get a true version of events from the mainstream Swedish media since it refuses to report on any events which show multicultural and diverse policies in a bad light.

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