Pro-migrant policies in the EU – why the tide is turning

Here are four interesting videos on Youtube that illustrate this.

Sweden Is Not The Migrant Paradise The Left Wants You To Believe

In Sweden, Mohammed Jamjoon for Al Jazeera tracks the migration to Sweden and the problems associated with how to integrate these migrants, especially those from non-European countries. Violent crime is on the up and the only party adopting an anti-immigrant stance is the Sweden Democrats, now the third biggest political party in Sweden. Local people in many communities, just as in Germany, give a mixed response to the influx of refugees owing to some attacks on Swedes, especially in Stockholm.

The Swedish welfare state is under pressure – as highlighted by the Sweden Democrats – and the existing housing system is under pressure. Some commentators are arguing that Sweden has reached its limit. Immigration has been a cost for citizens over the last 30 years. Border controls have been reinstalled and migrant numbers are now on the decrease.

Is there a refugee backlash in Cologne and Sweden?

Channel 4 News interviews some women who suffered at the hands of migrants is the mass sexual assault on New Year’s Eve at the Haubtbahnhof in Cologne – one of the most socially liberal cities in Germany. They believe that there was a deliberate cover up by the German police over the assault. In Germany the view that everything foreign is good is being called into question. Some older asylum seekers feel ashamed of the men who committed the assaults.

The liberal Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstom, sets out to defend her government’s policies, saying immigrants have made her country “much richer” and that it is compatible with her feminist viewpoint.

This Is What Muslim Men Really Think About Western Women (2 parts)

Part 1, Part 2

This takes are rather harder line on the Muslim migrants coming into Europe, highlighting the big cultural divide, especially when it comes to women. This is not just the Islamic extremists but normal, moderate Muslims. Angela Merkel states that “Islam belongs in Germany” but certain crimes reported in the documentary tend to prove this is not the case in reality.

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