Europe’s historical battle with Islam

Anyone living in Poland will have heard of Henryk Sienkiewicz, one of the country’s most famous historical novelists. He is best known for his “Trilogy” of historical novels – With Fire and SwordThe Deluge, and Fire in the Steppe  – set in the 17th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

‘With Fire and Sword’ (1884) chronicles the 17th century Cossack revolt known as the Chmielnicki Uprising. ‘Fire in the Steppe’ (title of the original: Pan Wołodyjowski), written in 1888, follows the wars between Poland and the Ottoman Empire in the late 17th century. The book describes the  efforts of the protagonist, a renowned Polish knight, Michał Wołodyjowski, to save Poland from an invasion by the Sultan of Turkey. A lot of the action revolves around the Polish border town of Kamenyets, and the book concludes with a huge battle after a bitterly freezing night of rain between the Polish and allied forces led by King Jan Sobieski against the Turkish pagan Hussein Pasha. Sobieski and his lancers are victorious, although Pan Michal Wołodyjowski dies from his wounds, and a victorious Thanksgiving Mass is held in the infidels camp.

Now fast forward to 2017 and it seems like the past blood spilt on European soil has been for naught. The EU, in combination with politicians like Angela Merkel, is allowing in very large numbers of Muslim young men – what could almost be deemed a ‘peaceful invasion’. Fortunately, there are many in the east of Europe who are strongly opposed to this and people are now taking to the streets to protest it. Below are 3 very good videos that illustrate this:

Migrant Crisis and Invasion of Europe Exposed

The Invasion Of Europe

No mosques in Germany!’ Mass rally against Muslim houses of worship in Thuringia

In addition, western European democracies are now seeing an influx of politicians who are opposed to the PC liberal elite. For example, the anti-immigration, anti-Islam AfD have now become the third largest party in the Bundestag after winning 12.6% of the vote, a result described by leading party figures as a “political earthquake.” CNN interviewed 4 of the parties 92 lawmakers and immigration is one of their top priorities in parliament. According to one of the MPs, Karsten Hilse:

‘German values were threatened by the arrival of people “who reject our way of life.”
“We are being heterogenized and diluted … the German people … are meant to silently accept this change and ultimately the loss of our homeland.”‘
For more on this, read here

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