Martin van Creveld calls out the cowards in Europe

A very interesting article on how many Europeans are too pacific in reacting to the Islamisation process in Europe

Fabius Maximus website

Summary: Horrific changes are taking place in Europe. As is so often the case, journalists suppress the news in America. But somethings cannot be hidden forever. Among those speaking out is Martin van Creveld, one of this generation’s most distinguished historians. This powerful and disturbing article sounds an alarm — one which Europe is unlikely to hear.

White feather of cowardice


By Martin van Creveld.
From his website, 26 October 2017.
Re-posted with his generous permission.
Links and graphics added.

As my readers know, I do not normally use this blog to quote other people at any length. If I do so this time, that is because I am shocked. Right from the beginning of human history — possibly even before human history, properly speaking, got under way — one of men’s most important tasks has always been to protect their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and women in general from being…

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