Britain Heading Towards A Civil War With Islam?

This is an insightful video by the former Chairman of the now defunct British Freedom Party (deregistered in Dec. 2012), Paul Weston, describing the impact of Islamisation on nations – particularly European ones – that are not culturally and historically Islamic. The speaker describes how the liberal left are mistaken in describing Islam as a ‘religion of peace’ when it is followed its most fundamental form.

He raises the question of what can Britain do about Islamic extremism? Talking about it contravenes hate laws and anyone raising the subject is often demonised. Mass immigration is welcomed by the liberal left because it provides them with mass votes. The British Freedom Party political agenda was to stop any further mass immigration and the Islamisation of British society e.g. by stopping the building of any more mosques, by sending social welfare payments to Muslims with very large families, and closing down extremist mosques/preachers etc. He believes that Islam’s slow and steady control of British political and cultural life needs to be rolled back, as well as any further expansion of Islamic ideology – in Britain, and also on the North American and European continents.

The British Freedom Party espoused what it called “cultural nationalism“.Weston said in an interview that the founders of the British Freedom Party:

“… believed that culture, not colour, was the important thing in Britain especially multi-cultural Britain. We can have one culture and it’s not important about what colour or race you come from.”

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