‘If we had known it would be like this we would never have come here’

A little-picked up report on Euronews (15.11.2017) talks about an upsurge in migrants and pressure on the Moria camp on Lesvos and the Greek islands in the North Aegean in general..

Now, whilst choosing to focus only on the conditions in the camp, the report fails to mention why the migrants are there in the first place. One migrant talks about betrayal and shock, saying that “I want a better life for studying and living but I don’t see anything here”.

Now, the fact is that it is not Europe’s onus to offer illegal economic migrants a home simply because they want a better life than in the countries where they come from. The media likes to refer to such people as ‘refugees’ – to gain viewers’ sympathy – whereas many are not refugees at all but simply illegal economic migrants who are seeking better financial and career opportunities in European countries and who do not want to go through the normal legal application processes.

Euronews article/video here

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