One of the best insights I have read into the failure of multiculturalism in Sweden

Tino Sanadaji, the National Review, June 4, 2013

Sweden’s problem is not Islam, it’s multiculturalism.

On May 13, the Stockholm police received calls from the blighted immigrant suburb of Husby. Residents were frightened by a 69-year-old man who was wielding a kitchen knife. Following a standoff that is currently under investigation, the elderly Portuguese immigrant was shot dead. One week later, the police were called to Husby once more. This time, residents reported that masked men were torching cars with gasoline and Molotov cocktails. When the police and firefighters arrived, they were greeted with a barrage of rocks.

Each morning the following week, Sweden awoke to fresh images of arson and rioting. Rumors of racism and police brutality ignited riots in other immigrant suburbs already ripe with resentment toward Swedish society. The police managed to quell the riots only after calling in reinforcements from other Swedish cities

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And this is an excellent video that examines how Swedish journalists are prevented from reporting on the failures of immigration and multiculturalism in Sweden i.e. the failures and facts that mainstream journalists hide:


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