Turkey Islamizes Denmark with More Mosques

Judith Bergman, the Gatestone Institute (November 20, 2017)

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan clearly sees Turks living in the West as a spearhead of Islam.
  • “Yes, integrate yourselves into German society but don’t assimilate yourselves. No one has the right to deprive us of our culture and our identity”, Erdogan told Turks in Germany as early as in 2011.
  • This assessment of Milli Görüs, however, does not seem to bother Danish authorities, who appear to see no problems with their cities becoming Islamized by the Turks. How many more mosques will it take?

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One thought on “Turkey Islamizes Denmark with More Mosques

  1. This is an interesting comment by a Danish citizen:

    In fairness, Denmark has some of Western Europe’s strictest policies towards migrants. The politicians cited in the article are mainly from cities, where left-wing attitudes hold sway. On the national level, however, Denmark is no-nonsense about migrants who do not assimilate. Minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing Inger Støjberg is an immigration hawk, who ran ads in Lebanese newspapers warning against seeking asylum in Denmark. Some examples from a March news item:

    “Integration minister Inger Støjberg posted the photograph of a celebration cake to social media after her 50th amendment to tighten immigration controls was ratified earlier this week.

    “The minister is seen holding a cake featuring the number 50 and a Danish flag.

    “‘Today I got the 50th amendment to tighten immigration controls ratified,’ she wrote. ‘This needs celebrating!'”

    In other news:

    Denmark deports woman for begging for the first time.
    Denmark considers mandatory language test for all three-year-olds.


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