The long-term impact of non-Western migrant demographics on European societies

In Western European countries, if the political establishment continues to get its way, how many Germans will be left in Germany, French left in France etc.? And the answer – they will be in a minority. Sweden, for example, has taken in more migrants per capita than any other European nation and is now experiencing problems with migrant gangs and no-go zones. The city of Malmo lies at the bottom of all tables – education, employment etc. – and the new values that have replaced Christian ones in the country are anti-racism and political correctness. In Germany public support for open borders is now rapidly falling.

“England will be England no more”

In the UK, the white native English, Welsh and Scots are destined to become minorities in their own country according to current demographics. As Muslim numbers continue to grow (now around 5% of the population) in traditionally Christian Britain, the long-term outlook could be a non-peaceful one, with urban areas becoming increasingly Islamic – such as the town of Luton – and rural areas more Christian. There are already a 100 Sharia courts in the UK, and British schools are likely to change with more pupils from non-British backgrounds.

Why does the West open up its borders to mass unrestrained immigration?

So, who asked for mass immigration? Who asked societies to change their ways of life? In the past European societies cared about their cultures and traditions, but this has been undermined in civic and social life by the political Left. Besides being globalists, the Left want votes, and immigrants overwhelmingly vote for liberal parties since they were the ones that advocated inviting them into the country.

A rising population is also required for paying back global debt. More people are needed to carry the weight of our debt-based banking system. Instead of weathering out the storm like Japan is trying to do, Europe – or rather the EU – has decided to open up its borders and encourage mass, unrestrained immigration.

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