UK: Home Office worker ‘was lynchpin of plot to let illegal migrants stay’: Employee is accused of falsifying records that could have seen hundreds benefit


Shamsu Iqbal was allegedly the lynchpin of the group that used his ‘trusted’ Home Office position to falsify documents – with investigators identifying 437 potential cases over five yearsShamsu Iqbal's co-accused, lawyer Mohammed Hussain

  • Shamsu Iqbal, 61, allegedly used his position in the Home Office to falsify papers
  • Investigators identified potential 437 cases of faking documents over five years  
  • Home Office worker helped by Usman, 45, Hussain, 49, and Ali, 47, a court heard
  • Group changed records to give new identities to people who were in UK illegally

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The Islamisation of Europe is happening right in front of our eyes – and what are Europeans doing about it?

“Come to Malmoe, Sweden, and see what the New World will look like”

If anybody would like to see what kind of world the Globalists are planning they should come to Malmoe, Sweden. Most of the native Swedes are gone and their place has been taken by migrants. The cashless society is also being implemented in Sweden right now. It’s a banker’s dream.


“Secret Filming Reveals Hatred Been Taught At UK Muslim Schools”

An undercover reporter captures on camera the hate that’s been taught to Muslim students at a faith school in Birmingham UK. It’s shocking to say the least.

How the PC liberal left is currently digging its own grave

I used to think and act like a PC liberal leftie but I am slowly beginning to move gradually to the right. I will never be in the category of a Trump base supporter – much of what he does and says is personal anathema to me – but I a becoming increasingly disenchanted with how the mainstream media constantly follows the PC liberal left line, sometimes to extremes.

As such, there has to be a counterbalance and here are two good examples of this. Liam Neeson quite rightly states that harassment allegations against male Hollwood actors have turned into ‘a witch-hunt’ and Paul Joseph Watson – sometimes laying it on a bit thick – makes an amusing commentary on just why some countries can be deemed ‘shitholes’.

Liam Neeson says harassment allegations have become ‘a witch-hunt’

Hollywood A-lister suggests the treatment of some celebrities, such as Garrison Keillor, has been excessive

Liam Neeson: ‘there’s famous people, being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee and suddenly they’re being dropped’.
 Liam Neeson: ‘there’s famous people, being accused of touching some girl’s knee and suddenly they’re being dropped’. Photograph: Laura Hutton/PA

Speaking on The Late Late Show on RTE, the Hollywood A-lister said “there’s some people, famous people, being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee, or something, and suddenly they’re being dropped from their program, or something”.

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The Truth About ‘Sh*thole Countries’


Let’s be honest here – this is what a lot of people think but are too scared to say

Although I don’t like Donald Trump all – one thing I am prepared to back him on is the migration issue.

Trump is his recent comments on Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries is only stating an opinion that many people think is correct in private but are not prepared to admit to in public. He is within his right to question the types of people being allowed into the USA and the countries they come from. Many countries are now fighting to preserve their unique cultural identities and America is no different in this respect to the rest of the world.

Now I am not saying that all countries in Africa are ‘shitholes’ – some like Botswana and Ghana are very successful. However, there are also some that are run by despots, totally corrupt and oftentimes very violent. The reality is that it is up to the people within their own countries to make them better rather than think about trying to escape or make a better life in someone else’s country. Why do so many feel they are entitled to move to another country just because it is wealthier and better off economically?

US President Donald Trump

So on this one Donald you get my vote. Sometimes it is necessary to push back against the liberal political correctness that has come to dominate so much of social life and attitudes in western countries. However, on everything else, particularly when it comes to making the rich richer and the poor poorer, not a chance in hell.