Poland refuses mid-east migrants / Polska odmawia imigrantom z Bliskiego Wschodu

“Poland opposes the mandatory quota system for immigrants from
North Africa and the Middle East”
Mateusz MorawieckiPrime Minister of Poland

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says his government won’t accept migrants from North Africa or the Middle East – despite mandatory EU quotas.



Brief from Brussels: Poland faces EU punishment / Brief z Brukseli: Polska stoi w obliczu kary UE

In this edition of the Brief from Brussels: the EU launches an unprecedented process against Poland over judicial reforms, which could bring sanctions and voting rights suspended

Poland’s government prefers to embrace, rather than alienate, far right / Rząd polski woli raczej objąć, niż zrazić, skrajną prawicę

“Right-wing voters have the feeling … that we are a serious group … so there is no need to escape towards the far right,”
Ryszard Czarnecki. Politician from Poland’s Law and Justice Party

Law and Justice party argues winning voters away from extremist parties is preferable to allowing them to gain their own momentum, Reuters reports.

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