United Kingdom: How faith schools and academies only serve to strengthen Islamic fundamentalism

An increasing number of conservative faith schools are deliberately flouting British values and seek to isolate young people from the mainstream, Ofsted warned today in a damning report.

Some religious schools in both the state and independent sectors are spreading discriminatory beliefs that clash with British values. In extreme cases illegal “schools” are being created to avoid teaching the fundamental values of democracy, mutual tolerance and respect.

Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/education/rogue-faith-schools-spread-nonbritish-values-says-ofsted-a3718546.html

This is the UK government definition of these schools:

Faith schools

Faith schools have to follow the national curriculum, but they can choose what they teach in religious studies.

Faith schools may have different admissions criteria and staffing policies to state schools, although anyone can apply for a place.

Faith academies

Faith academies don’t have to teach the national curriculum and have their own admissions processes.

According to the Guardian:

‘Ethos is what Ofsted’s newly published annual report (2017) has targeted. It highlights the school inspectorate’s deep concerns that some faith schools are “spreading beliefs that clash with British values” and that they could undermine tolerance and respect.

Douglas Murray, writing in The Spectator, in his article entitled ‘Save our children from the Islamists’ following the Trojan affair in Birmingham in 2014, delves deeper into this issue and states the following (video/article here):

“The report found that Islamists had used ‘fear and intimidation’ to infiltrate school governing bodies in order to impose a ‘narrow faith-based ideology’. Children as young as six had been taught that western women are ‘white prostitutes’. Non-Muslim pupils were excluded from certain activities, including a trip to Saudi Arabia. There are accounts of anti-Christian chants being encouraged in morning assemblies. In one primary school, music was banned, along with raffles, tombolas and other ‘un-Islamic’ activities.”

In many cases Muslim faith schools are endorsing misogyny. According to Dame Louise Casey, “Some schools are teaching a segregated way of life and misogyny and the government isn’t taking enough of a stand,” she said. “The public expects them to do that. The DfE (Department for Education) turns a blind eye and hopes that Ofsted will deal with the problem. It’s all in the ‘too difficult’ box.”
Here are some cases cited in the Ofsted report:

In one example from it a school library stocked a book entitled Women who deserve to go to hell, by Mansoor Abdul Rahim. This says women should be “disallowed to go out of the house unnecessarily” and should not show “ingratitude to their husband” or have “tall ambitions”.

Its lines include: “Of the women who are liable to be cursed is one who refuses her husband’s advances for a sexual intercourse, saying that she is experiencing menses.” It also says women and men who imitate each other, or women who alter their appearance, are “cursed”. A man who does not mind his wife appearing unveiled is a “cuckold”.

The book says women will be a “majority in Hell” and a woman’s entry to paradise “is dependent on her husband’s pleasure”. Twentieth-century feminism, it adds, had “the basic objective of driving women towards aberrant ways” and was “patronised by Jews and Christians” to “lead astray the aliens”. It also promotes an intolerant view of religious freedom, for example by calling polytheism “a grave sin”.

In one school children were encouraged to read a text which contrasted the “noble women of the East” with the “internally torn woman of the West”. The western woman attracted men and left her home to spend time aimlessly in cinemas and cafés.

Other library books said women were not allowed to refuse to have sex with their husbands or leave the house without permission, and men could beat their wives “by way of correction”. Work which had been marked by teachers said women had a responsibility “only to bear children and bring them up as Muslims” and men should be “protectors of women”.

Ofsted insiders said the examples made for “uncomfortable reading” and expressed concern that mainstream schools may also be accommodating extreme forms of Islam in an attempt to be inclusive.

Source: http://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2017/11/islamic-faith-schools-endorsing-misogyny-dossier-reveals

Zakariah School

The Zakariah Girls’ High School where Ofsted claim they were prohibited from speaking to pupils

One Muslim faith school even went so far as to ban the Ofsted inspectors from speaking to the teaching staff and pupils. According to an article in the Express newspaper,

‘The child safety inspection fell on the same day as the Islamic festival of Eid and inspectors were allegedly told they could only speak to senior managers. The private Zakaria Muslim Girls’ High School, in Batley, is run by the secretive Deobandi sect, which often shuns contact with non-Muslims. It is believed the sect controls around half of all Britain’s private Islamic schools.’

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/671314/Muslim-faith-school-bans-inspectors-from-speaking-to-pupils-staff-Ofsted-UK-Islam

The Islamic Tarbiyah Academy

The Islamic Tarbiyah Academy, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, teaches 40 primary-school aged children as well as running full-time classes for adults. At this school, pupils were told British customs were anti-muslim, mixed sex organisations were evil, and that women should not be allowed to work. Mufti Zubair Dudha, the founder and head of the school, is a member of the above-mentioned hardline Deobandi sect.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/657212/Dewsbury-madrassa-radical-Islam

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