Hungary goes to polls amid escalating anti-migrant rhetoric

Viktor Orbán is giving the Hungarian people what they want or rather what they do not want – a flood of illegal immigrants from outside Europe’s borders descending on their country. The European Union has to understand now that its pro-migration policies are political suicide. If it continues to maintain its current course it is going to result in even more anti-immigration party MPs coming to Brussels. The Visegrad Group are right to want to change the European Union from within to reflect the values they stand for – which are not those of pc liberal Western European nations. It is only a matter of time…

Prime minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party expected to win majority on back of populist agenda despite number of corruption scandals

Viktor Orbán
 Hungary’s right-wing prime minister Viktor Orbán is set to be returned for a third term. Photograph: Zsolt Szigetvary/EPA

Voting is over in Hungary, where the prime minister, Viktor Orbán, is seeking to win a third consecutive term.

After running a campaign almost exclusively focused on the threat posed by migration, Orbán’s Fidesz party is expected to win a majority in parliament. However, a late push for coordination among the opposition, as well a string of corruption scandals around the government has given Orbán’s foes a glimmer of hope.

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