Mexico tightens southern border security as another day passes with no tariff deal

Under pressure from Trump, Mexico has launched a crackdown on the Guatemala border, arresting activists and holding migrants

The one area I support Trump on is his stance on illegal economic migration. It is in the US’s right and the righ to every nation state to protect its borders and this threat of tariffs seems to be having the desired effect on the Mexican authorities. There are legal channels set up for migration – these need to be adhered to.

Spain: Surge in Migrant Crime

  • “We have tasers, but they are stored in a closet because of political cowardice.” — Spokesperson, Municipal Police of Bilbao.
  • In Madrid, an elderly couple returning home from vacation discovered that their apartment had been “occupied” by African migrants. When a camera crew from the Madrid television channel Telecinco went to investigate, the migrants destroyed the camera…. Spain’s notoriously lethargic justice system now rules on who is the apartment’s rightful owner.
  • The Madrid city council, run by Mayor Manuela Carmena, in a case study of political correctness run amok, ordered police to keep out of the neighborhood of Lavapiés. The result is that illegal immigrants, far from facing the threat of deportation, are now secure in the knowledge that their violent actions have empowered them effectively to take control of an entire neighborhood of a major European capital.