Shamima Begum is on legal aid despite being stripped of UK citizenship: Fury as jihadi bride’s legal fees are paid by taxpayers

This is complete madness. This woman hates the UK, what it represents and only wants to return because her Islamic caliphate collapsed and now she has nowhere to go. And now the British taxpayer has to support her.

Jihadi bride stitched suicide vests: In chilling briefing to Prime Minister, spy chiefs reveal how Shamima Begum served in ISIS’s ‘morality police’ and helped terrorists prepare for attacks

  • MI6 has briefed the PM and Home Secretary on Shamima Begum’s ISIS role
  • Witnesses claim to have seen Begum prepare suicide vests for would-be jihadis
  • Begum has claimed she ‘never did anything dangerous’ while under ISIS control
  • Well placed sources claim Begum carried a rifle and acted as an ‘enforcer’

Anti-migrant protesters clash with police in Brussels

Belgian police use teargas on the protesters in Brussels.

 Belgian police use teargas on the protesters in Brussels. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

About 5,500 people attend rally organised by Belgian far-right party Vlaams Belang

Good that the Belgians are at last waking up to the failure of their governments’ advocacy of multiculturalism and divserity which has been an absolute disaster for the country, as witnessed by the activities of Islamic extremists’ killing of innocent civilians on Belgian soil.

The UN non-binding international agreement to manage the global migration crisis is also an unmitigated disaster, for European nations in particular, and those countries that have refused to sign it have adopted the correct approach.