Anti-migrant protesters clash with police in Brussels

Belgian police use teargas on the protesters in Brussels.

 Belgian police use teargas on the protesters in Brussels. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

About 5,500 people attend rally organised by Belgian far-right party Vlaams Belang

Good that the Belgians are at last waking up to the failure of their governments’ advocacy of multiculturalism and divserity which has been an absolute disaster for the country, as witnessed by the activities of Islamic extremists’ killing of innocent civilians on Belgian soil.

The UN non-binding international agreement to manage the global migration crisis is also an unmitigated disaster, for European nations in particular, and those countries that have refused to sign it have adopted the correct approach.

A second generation terrorist: Chérif Chekatt: who is the Strasbourg shooting suspect?

Chekatt was born in Strasbourg in February 1989, into a family with Moroccan roots. His parents were granted French citizenship – all part of European politicians’ promotion of multiculturalism and diversity – and the son becomes a terrorist.

Mother of ex-Labour frontbencher Kate Osamor – who quit over drug dealing scandal involving her son – takes her own place in the House of Lords

The Baroness Osamor (pictured) was sworn into the House of Lords today, just days after her daughter Kate resigned from the Labour frontbench 

  • Martha Osamor, 78, was handed the peerage by her friend Jeremy Corbyn 
  • She is now entitled to claim a tax-free daily attendance allowance of £305  
  • It comes after her daughter Kate Osamor stepped down from Labour frontbench
  • The 50-year-old had kept employing her son Ishamel, despite drugs conviction 

WHHHAATTTTTTT????? What has this woman done other than be a friend of Jeremy Corby’s to receive a peerage? What sort of a political system is it that allows this to happen? Why has the House of Lords not been replaced with a body of representatives that is elected RATHER THAN APPOINTED????

Refugee families allowed to enter UK after 20 years at RAF base

Six families receive permanent residence after two-decade stay at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus

Why? They entered UK territory illegally so why grant them permanent residence in the UK now?

UN Member States: Migration Is a Human Right

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Is it heck! The people at the UN are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think this – and, more importantly, want other people to think to.