‘We deserve more recognition’—partner of Belgium terror victim speaks out

Many of us are shocked when we see a terrorist attack by Islamic Muslim extremists. The incidents normally get huge media coverage, everyone wrings their hands over the situation and then next week the whole thing is forgotten – except by the victims’ relatives whose lives are destroyed by such viscious murder of innocent civilians. Here is a story of one such person:

Briton Sarah Dixon-Sutcliffe, whose partner David was killed in Brussels metro attack, gives emotional interview to Euronews

Survivors, relatives, support groups and others have joined together in Brussels to remember victims of terror.

They observed a minute’s silence, ahead of Sunday’s European Day of Remembrance.

Among them was Briton Charlotte Dixon-Sutcliffe whose partner, David Dixon, was killed in the city’s Maelbeek metro attack in 2016. They had been living together in Brussels.

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United Kingdom: Islamist tutor trained more than 100 youngsters to attack London

ISIS-obsessed religious teacher is found guilty of training ‘army’ of more than 100 pupils as young as 11 to unleash car and knife attacks on Big Ben, Heathrow and Westfield

Umar Haque used schools and a madrassa in east London to brainwash young boys into joining his 'death squad' army of jihadis

  • School worker abused his position to show jihadist material to young children
  • He was caught after trying to board a flight to Turkey and police uncovered plot
  • 25-year-old wanted to teach children to drive and attack police with weapons
  • He was convicted of terror offences today and faces a lengthy jail term
  • Case raises questions over regulation of independent schools and madrasas 

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Australia ‘under attack’ for 15 years from group of Muslim men, judge tells court


Australia has been “under attack” from a group of Muslim men wanting “to kill as many unbelievers as they can” for about 15 years, a Supreme Court judge has said.



Islamic State ‘Beatles’ pair from UK ‘should face trial’

The families of some of the victims of an Islamic State group that beheaded hostages have said two captured fighters should face trial.

British fighters Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh were captured by Syrian Kurdish forces.

Bethany Haines – whose father David, a British aid worker, was beheaded by the cell – said she hoped they die a “slow, painful death”.

Kotey and Elsheikh were two of four UK IS members known as “the Beatles”.

“They should be locked up and throw away the key,” Ms Haines said.

Should there be a trial, she said she would attend and “look them in the eye and let them know I am who I am and they have certainly destroyed a big part of my life. Hopefully there will be some justice.”

Alexanda Kotey, left, and El Shafee ElsheikhImage copyright KOTEY/FAMILY HANDOUT
Image caption Alexanda Kotey, left, and El Shafee Elsheikh were the last two members of the cell at large

Diane Foley – whose son James, an American journalist, was beheaded by the cell – said she wanted the two men to face life imprisonment.

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The Death of Democracy?

Certainly, Europe’s current state of decline owes much to the widely recognized fact that Muslims are the first newcomers to Europe who, over several generations, are resistant to integrating into the societies of which they now form a part. This rejection of Europe’s humanitarian, Judeo-Christian values applies, not just to the successive waves of refugees and economic migrants who have washed up on the shores of Greece, Italy and Spain since the start of the Syrian civil war, but to generations of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in the UK, North Africans in France, and Turkish “guest workers” in Germany

  • The result of 25 years of multiculturalism has not been multicultural communities. It has been mono-cultural communities… Islamic communities are segregated.” – Ed Husain, former Muslim extremist.
  • This approach, giving social-services, is based on the belief — oft-refuted — that Muslim extremists (both Muslims-by-birth and converts) have suffered from deprivation. It also greatly rests on the naïve assumption that rewarding them with benefits — for which genuinely deprived citizens generally need to wait in line — will turn them into grateful patriots.
  • The British government has shown itself incapable of enforcing its own laws when it comes to its Muslim citizens or new immigrants. Rather than stand up to our enemies, both external and internal, are we so afraid of being called “Islamophobes” that we will sacrifice even our own cultural, political, and religious strengths and aspirations?

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