Eurosceptic Italy in race to form majority government / L’Italia euroscettica in corsa per formare il governo di maggioranza

The EU has shot itself in the foot. Owing to its pc liberal policies on open door migration it is steadily turning more and more European civilians against Brussels. Think back to before the migration crisis of 2015 and the EU was held in high regard by most people on living on the continent. However, all this changed when Angela Merkel allowed in 1 million Syrians into Germany and the NGOs, Greek and Italian navies started ferrying illegal, mostly Sub-Saharan, economic migrants from Libya to Europe. Now Europeans are fed up, have had enough and are going to the ballot box in record numbers to vote for anti-migrant, anti-EU parties.

Wake up Brussels – change your migration policies and the European project will start to be supported again.

Five Star Movement and the League vie to form a coalition, but ultimate decision is held by President Sergio Mattarella

Matteo Salvini
 Matteo Salvini, leader of the League party that won 35.7% of the vote in Monday’s election in Italy. Photograph: Nicola Marfisi/AGF/Rex/Shutterstock

The two populist parties that won major upsets in the Italian election – the Five Star Movement (M5S) and the League (La Liga) – are in a race to be the first to try to form a majority government after the election produced a hung parliament.

The decision will ultimately fall to Italy’s president, Sergio Mattarella, who could take weeks to determine whether the anti-establishment M5S, which took 32.6% of the vote, or a fragile centre-right alliance led by the League’s bombastic Matteo Salvini, with 35.7% of the vote, are better equipped to create a majority government.

As Italy and Europe digested the news on Monday that a majority of Italian voters had supported Eurosceptic candidates in the national election, both sides began jockeying for position, saying each had earned the right to lead. The Italian constitution gives Mattarella the power to give the mandate to any party, regardless of who has won the most votes.

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