How multiculturalism breaks down the social fabric of society

The social fabric of society is a metaphor for how well the community members interact amongst themselves. If you consider all the individual members as threads, the ‘social fabric’ is made by having those members interact, thus weaving the threads together. The tighter the weave (the more frequently and positively the members interact with each other), the stronger the fabric is; the looser the weave, the weaker the fabric, and the more likely to tear (have conflicts that pit one group against another), fray (lose members), develop loose threads (criminals), and otherwise suffer.

Now I watched a very good video recently – again my thanks to Stefan at Sanity for Sweden for prompting my thoughts on this – in which he talks about Swedish society, formerly a very cohesive one, starting to break down owing to mass immigration. He describes how criminals are doing so well in Sweden, and their numbers increasing, because Sweden’s citizens are ‘totally unfamiliar with violence. They do not know how to deal with it. They are not used to dealing with it.” He talks about the justice system that “is a joke” because it does not sentence minors used by the criminal gangs, and even the adults get off with light sentences.

Enhancing the social fabric means to provide more and better interactions between members of the community so that they can make more friends, be more involved, be happy, be more willing to help someone when there is a need, and be inspired to keep their community a positive, pleasant place to live in. Again, this begs the question – how does multiculturalism support this? Basically, it doesn’t. A recent blog on the Fabius Maximus website devotes a section entitled ‘Europe’s elites want to go beyond nations, so that nothing limits them’, using comments by Fredrik Reinfeldt, an ex-Swedish PM, as an example:

‘Fredrik Reinfeldt is a libertarian economist. He was chairman of Sweden’s conservative Moderate Party from 2003 to 2015 and Prime Minister from 2006 to 2014. As prime minister, in 2014 he called Sweden a “humanitarian superpower” and as his people to “open their hearts.”, and saying:

“What does the word ‘enough’ mean? Is Sweden full? Is the Nordic region full? Are we too many people? We are 25 million people living in the North. I often fly over the Swedish countryside. I would recommend more people to do the same. There are endless fields and forests. There’s as much space as you can imagine. Those who claim that the country is full, they must demonstrate where it is full.”

Reinfeldt has even questioned the right of Sweden to enforce its borders…

“What is Sweden as a country? Is this nation owned by those who have lived here for four generations, or by those who invent some borders? Or is this an open country made up of people who arrive here, in midlife, perhaps born in another country? And it is what they make of Sweden that is Sweden.”

As Fabius Maximus confirms, ‘Reinfeldt is wrong. The ancestors of most ethnic Swedes have lived there for hundreds or even thousands of years, not just “four generations.”’

To back this up, I recently watched a video shot by Norwegian NRK 1 television in Sweden that focuses on the no-go zones, areas in which Swedish citizens are now afraid to go out at night and attacks on the state police and fire brigades in Uppsala, Malmo and Goteburg. One young Swedish resident states:

“The whole atmosphere is very threatening. One does not go out in the evenings, one does what one has to do when its daytime and one does not go alone.”

So, overall my conclusions are that multiculturalism breaks down rather than enhances the social fabric of society – as witnessed in countries like France, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden et al.

Sanity for Sweden’s video can be viewed here

NRK 1 television’s video can be viewed here

Who are committing the sexual crimes in Sweden?

Want to find out? The MSM in Sweden certainly won’t tell you. However, Joakim P Jonasson conducted a study on 4,000 court cases in Sweden.

From 2012-2017:

  • Gross rapes – men with a non-European background 84% – Afghanis, Iraqis, Somalis, Swedes in that order. Almost 2 out of 3 of the guilty are asylum seekers or men given a permit to stay. 1 out of 4 of these rapists are first or second generation immigrants
  • Assault rapes – Somalis, Eritrans, Algerians, Iraqis and Gambians in that order. Swedish men with 2 Swedish parents 4.4%.
  • Gang rape – 90% committed by men with a non-European background. 1 out of 4 rapists who are active in a group are Afghanis.
  • Procurement – 57% of those guilty are Romanians.
  • Homo rape – gang raping men has been on the increase since 2015 – 85% Afghanis, 15% Iranians.

See the full report (in Swedish) here