Political correctness in the UK is out of control

It seems that the blind adherence to political correctness in the UK is taking the country into unchartered waters. Below are two examples of how absurd this situation is getting in the country:

  1. An article in The Telegraph has the headline ‘Naive and disillusioned Britons returning from Syria should not be prosecuted, says terror law watchdog’

“Many Britons who have returned from Islamic State territory are not being prosecuted and instead need to be reintegrated because they were simply naive, the Government’s terrorism laws watchdog has said.” The article goes on to say, “Police and security leaders have in the past warned of the prospect of battle-hardened jihadists returning to continue their struggle by carrying out attacks on the streets of Britain.”

According to Max Hill QC, the independent reviewer of terrorist legislation “… the authorities have looked at them and looked at them hard and have decided that they do not justify prosecution and really we should be looking at reintegration and moving away from any notion that we are going to lose a generation from this travel … We have to leave space for those individuals to be diverted away from the criminal courts.”

Now how completely absurd is this? According to the statistics, around 850 Britons are thought to have travelled to Syria since 2011. Around 120 are believed dead fighting for groups including Islamic State and around half those remaining are thought to have already returned home. These so-called ‘Britons’ are proven extremists and killers and it is only going to be a matter of time before one of them is involved in an extremist attack on innocent civilians because of this completely naive lawyer’s decision.

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2. An article by the BBC has the headline ‘Bank of England under fire for lack of diversity’

It states, ‘The Chancellor has been taken to task by MPs about the lack of diversity at the top of the Bank of England. Nicky Morgan has written to Chancellor Philip Hammond asking for evidence proving that “all efforts” are being made to encourage gender and ethnic diversity in its recruitment process.

Mark Carney, the Bank’s Governor, told the Treasury committee this week that the number of women in senior positions at the Bank had steadily increased in recent years. However, he admitted there was a gender pay gap at Threadneedle Street because “there’s a lot more men than there are women” in senior roles.’

Deputy Governor, Sir Dave Ramsden apparently told MPs on the Treasury committee there was a ‘real issue with the gender balance in economics. “It’s two-thirds male, one-third female. The problems go all the way back to schools – why girls don’t do A-level economics, why young women don’t go and study economics at university?”‘

Now, why the hell should there be diversity on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee? Such appointments in the UK have always been made on the merit of the candidate rather than their sex or ethnicity.

Some of the comments on Twitter reflect users’ amazement at what is going on:

“Welcome to England, the land where people are offended for others”

“Forget about diversity bullshit, employ the best people for the job irrespective of sex, colour, religion.”

“Fucking hell. When will this shit end. People are tired of this diversity bullshit. Employ the best candidate.”

“Let’s have a few black and Asian fraudsters in there to more diverse and representing the community? SJW BBC?”

“Here we go again. Surely meritocracy at its best?”

“Couple of trannies maybe? An Amazonian tribesman?

“Too English?”

So, enough said on this subject.

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