Swedish migration disaster: How one symptom can be a sign of society’s malaise

This story for me is typical of the malaise in many European countries resulting from current migration policies and my thanks to Stefan at Sanity for Sweden for highlighting this story.

An Afghan refugee called Arif – acting as the spokesperson for a group calling itself ‘Afghani unaccompanied refugee children in Sweden’ – has a well-followed Facebook page and has been invited to gives New Year’s speech by a town’s socialist politicians etc. in Sweden.

It turns out that he is 20 years old and had his asylum application rejected in Oct. 2015; it was appealed twice but failed. So far the Swedish police have not been able to find him (why is this so difficult?).

In 2016 this man participated in a Swedish church confirmation camp and sexually abused a 14-year-old girl and was sentenced, with some witness questioning what he was doing in the camp in the first place. Some priests said “he was interested in Christian faith” and he is “and incredibly soft and careful guy”,

Now, when I heard this story I was absolutely incensed that incidents like this are occurring all around Europe. When added up, they create a general picture that something is wrong with European society and that Europeans have to wake up from their dormant slumber and start taking a serious look at what is going on around them. Fortunately for us it is the many alt-media vloggers like Sanity for Sweden that are helping to bring this about.

To see the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm0BTOeRsjY