BBC Our World – Welcome to Germany

This was shown recently and followed two families with young children who had moved to a town in eastern Germany. This has a population of 90,000 and 2,000 migrants were assigned to live there.

The former East German population is not used to immigrants and the majority has a similar attitude to that of the Visegrad countries. During the programme the Syrian father manages to get a job as an electrician and is given a 3-year visa. His wife and 3 children are flown over to join him, but have to renew their visas every 4 months.

The German family are relatively open to helping asylum seekers but by the end of the first year are both AfD voters. The husband says they are struggling financially and resents the financial resources being given to migrants that are financed by German taxpayers like himself.

I believe the BBC should have focused on a young single Syrian man, as it is young men who constitute the majority of migrants allowed access into Germany. By choosing a family – a much smaller representative percentage of migrants – the programme was appealing to the viewer’s sympathies. The Syrian family, despite already having 3 young children, went ahead and had a baby, which seems to be completely irresponsible given the uncertainty of their circumstances, although it did lead to them being allocated a larger apartment.

So, in my opinion this programme was yet another symbol of the BBC’s subjective bias towards tacitly supporting migration into Europe. The Governing Board need to be called to account so that a much more ‘objective’ perspective can be given on this issue, where both the pro and anti stances are given equal air time and subject matter.

Link (BBC iPlayer required for viewing the programme):